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FCA CityCamp

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What is FCA CityCamp?

Imagine the power and fun of Summer Camp taking place in our own backyard throughout the year. Camps are a time of "inspiration and perspiration" for students who want to reach their potential through athletic, character, leadership and spiritual development. 

CityCamp Purpose

The purpose of FCA CityCamp is to provide students with an experience that emphasizes personal and spiritual growth aside from their everyday distractions. This high-energy and fun event immerses students in a gospel-centered community that equips them with practical ways to grow in their faith and to be leaders in their community.

November CityCamp

How to be a STRONG Teammate

Students will learn interpersonal skills as they compete in exciting activities that challenge them to support one another in order to succeed. Our goal is to help students become better teammates as they compete in the arena of sports, but more importantly as they compete in the arena of life.

This CityCamp is ONLY for current High School Students. (Middle School camp coming SOON!)

Only $10 for all day fun!

Deadline to register is Tuesday, October 23rd

7 Legit Reasons You Need To be at FCA City Camp


1.  Personal and Spiritual Growth

2.  Conversations:  Raw and Real

3.  Crazy Competitive Environment

4.  It's Local!  Live from Grind City

5.  Incredible Food

6.  Hang Out by the Lake

7.  Mentorship Follow-up