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FCA Champions Circle

FCA Champions Circle

Empowering Ministry.

Impacting Lives.

The following have invested or pledged a minimum of $5,000 annually for three years,

to help sustain and expand the ministry of FCA in the Memphis and Shelby County area.


Tom Landry Associates ($10,000 + annually)

Mike & Cheryl Ducker

Mike & Jinny Isakson

Jeff & Melanie Little

Mark & Suzanne Medford

Mr. Jimmy Sexton

Mitchell & Janet Spurlock

Rudy & Sonia Watkins


$5,000 - $9,999 annually

Bo & Allison Braswell

Larry & Pam Coley

Mr. Dan Collins

Earl & Marcey Connell

Mr. Robert Ducklo III

The Rex Jones Family

Reg & Betty Carol Germany

Mike & Donna Glenn

Brian & Jennifer Hicks

Michael & Linda Honan

David & Kim Howard

Mr. Don Jordan

 Dr. David & Kathleen Kizer

Tom & Amy Kliman

David & Laura Lowe

Dr. Jimmy & Jennifer Murphy

Chuck & Marla Nitsch

Mr. Dave Norris

Dan & Chris Patterson

Vaughn & Lisa Porter

Jim & Cyndi Siegfried

Frank & Suzanne Sizemore

Patrick & Daphne Snipes

Mr. Robert Sparks

Bill & Marsha Thompson

George & Lara White

Chris & Lauren Winchell


(Excludes monies received for sponsorship of fundraising events.)