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Legacy Builders

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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For a minimum investment of $4,000 ($333/month) you will be recognized as an FCA Legacy Builder at every FCA staffed event, for a period of 12 months (potential for 30+ events). Gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. A percentage of your gift goes to support FCA International Sports Outreach.

Who are FCA Legacy Builders?

FCA Legacy Builders are individuals, families and organizations who care about the Greater Memphis community and understand the powerful impact of sports as it relates to character development. They also understand the importance of investing in the lives of the Next Generation. FCA Legacy Builders link arms together with Greater Memphis FCA staff and volunteers to “Influence the Influencers.”

What do we mean by “Influence the Influencers”?

Think back to your time in school. Which people groups had the most influence? For better or for worse; athletes, cheerleaders and coaches will be high on the list. If this is the case, who or what is influencing them? FCA’s game plan is to step in the gap and impact the Influencers - Body, Mind and Soul.

Sports Provides an Opportunity for Accelerated Impact

Did you know..? In the Greater Memphis area, there are over 3000 male and female competitive sports teams at the Middle School, High School and College level? This is a large, ready-made, mission field with a captive audience. This allows FCA to build immediate rapport through the common language of sports, which breaks down barriers regardless of age, race, gender or socioeconomic status. FCA’s specific niche provides an opportunity to make maximum impact in the lives of our youth.

The FCA Legacy Builder Opportunity

Each year FCA has a desire to put on over 30 impactful events and strategic initiatives that are used to influence the Next Generation. Instead of asking partners to sponsor a single event, we are creating a year-long “Season Ticket” sponsorship opportunity as a way to maximize and honor your investment as a partner into the lives of the Next

If you would like to speak to an FCA representative on how to be a GameChanger in the life of a local student-athlete click HERE